Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU): A prefab addition to your home or business:

Basically an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU for short, is additional space that you can build on your property for either residential or commercial purposes. It’s common to see them in backyards, by the pool or sometimes near the garage and their uses are endless. Commercial campuses include luxury resort cabins to school dormitories and retreat center classrooms.

ADUs come in different types and sizes, and they can be used and adapted to suit your needs. From additional living space to a guest house, a backyard office, a man-cave or she-shed, to even a pool house, art studio or craft room. Since they are detached and fast to assemble, you can put them anywhere without having to go through a disruptive remodel of your current living space.

The benefits of an Accessory Dwelling Unit from Knük

Knuk offers an extensive warranty on each building, knowing that we are building with impeccable integrity and we are proud to stand alongside our quality buildings. Each unit is built with the intention of it becoming a legacy to future generations.

The cost of a Knuk unit is determined by the model’s base price combined with the client’s personal touches reflected in their choices of finishes and build-out options like decks, patios, pergolas and more.

The timeline and installation of each Knuk is about two months. You read that right: two months. Our single-point accountability system means that every detail is planned and accounted for from the beginning, so we can track timelines and keep delivery on time. Our in-house manufacturing process allows us to control the quality, design and build of each Knuk.

Customization of each unit fits within the core model options unless a client prefers to build their ADU from scratch and design their own special detached building. From standard options to one-of-a-kind and everything in between, Knuk delivers.

Interested in designing a Custom Knük?

If you don’t find a Knuk structure that works for your lifestyle, one of our design guides will work with you to design a unique custom structure to fit your needs.

Types of ADUs

When the chaos of day to day life gets to be too much it can be hard to find space to live fully, to build your perfect daily routine, to nurture and sustain your sanity. A spare bedroom, an unused alcove, or even the basement can be places to try and force a sanctuary. Even if it’s not a matter of space, sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right space.

When you choose to build a custom ADU, you can transform the space to meet your every need. Perfect your daily routine and move seamlessly from your morning yoga practice to marathon video conferences, to wrapping up your day with a book and a quiet cup of tea.

ADU options come in all sizes and styles:

The only limiting factor is imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.

An ADU adds value to your property

Local permit and building codes can impact your options, but in almost every neighborhood ADUs are an acceptable addition to your property. From a 250 square foot studio to a 650 square foot tiny two-bedroom, optimizing the space is critical for maximizing your value.

Recreation spaces or expansive campus living, adding an ADU can increase your property value from 25-50% depending on location, quality and flexibility of use. If you’re still considering if you should build an ADU on your property or not, perhaps the question should be do you want to increase the value of your property and enjoy some extra living space?

If the answer is yes, we invite you to reach out to us and start designing your Knuk, your way, today.

Worried about financing? We can help with that too. Reach out to us today for more information.


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