Modern Prefab Backyard Office: Your Detached Home Office:

Perhaps we’re biased, but we’ve seen the trend of building prefab backyard offices increase over the last few years and then spurred on by the pandemic. Something about being secluded at home to really get your creativity flowing and designing the perfect ADU for your big dreams.

But are they really worth all the fuss?

Advantages of owning a backyard office detached from your house:

Endless Customization Options

Roofs can be one of a dozen options from shingles to metal to integrated solar. Windows can open up and down, side to side, have a vent pop-out, or not open at all. Floorplans come in all sorts of different options and let’s not even get started on paint choices. So you see, it may be an eight-by-twelve rectangle footprint, but it’s thousands of combination options from there.

Now, we know that too many options can be overwhelming and completely shut down the creative gears. So we take our clients through the options layer by layer, from the ground up, so to speak. It’s important to take things one at a time and then be able to see the whole design come together, which is why we offer our clients the opportunity to see it all put together before we finalize our design plans.

Maximizing the Square Feet

Tiny house living takes skill, organization, and design talent. Storage is always an issue, and so is maximizing the design of your backyard unit. We think it is important to consider the intended use of the space before determining the layout. Once it is clear what the primary, secondary and even occasional use of the structure might be, then you can determine where the walls go, how big the windows need to be, the ceiling height and more. In order to maximize the square footage and get the most from your space, it’s important to take great measure in making the right choices during the design phase of the project.

A pool house has a very different purpose than an in-law suite. Likewise, a recording studio and office combo will need considerable customization and may require a few specific details to be included in the design.

We believe in building your dream ADU without regret, hesitation or delay. We also think dreaming big is a great way to build small spaces.

Interested in designing a Custom Knük?

If you don’t find a Knuk structure that works for your lifestyle, one of our design guides will work with you to design a unique custom structure to fit your needs.

Added Property Value

If you do your homework and build with a reputable ADU building company, you can potentially increase your property value by 20% or more. With thoughtful design, customization and choosing high-quality materials, you’re sure to max your payout when it comes time to sell.

By taking the ADU construction process seriously and choosing to build a quality detached structure, you’re investing the same integrity into your new space as you would building your home. Whether you live in an area with four seasons or one, it makes a difference when you enhance your lifestyle with an energy efficient and flexible space. We see no reason to sacrifice the important details.

Now that we’ve covered our top four favorite reasons to build an ADU, are you considering building a detached home office in your garden or backyard? Reach out to us for more information about customization, costs, and financing.


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