Knük faqs

A cozy corner, a secluded place, a quiet retreat. Any way you look at it, Knük (pronounced “nook”) offers you a special place to enhance your quality of life with a modern designed luxury ADU that refines and revives your space, your senses, and your lifestyle. You can choose traditional, modern or somewhere in between, but we will only build the highest quality ADU for you.

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit, which really just means a small-ish building on your property in addition to your primary dwelling. Think modern backyard office, free-standing studio or remote classroom. Additional rental unit, courtyard showroom, personal spa and salon or onsite boutique. Our standard sizes offer floor plans that are easily adaptable to your backyard, side yard, courtyard, campus or community. With

What you can dream, we can build.

A US-based company, we build our lifestyle structures coast to coast and everywhere in between. We build where you live. Wherever your backyard, side yard, resort, courtyard, campus or community is located, we’ll build there. From the suburbs of San Francisco to the banks of Bar Harbor and literally everywhere in between, we will build your dream ADU there.

We deliver the answer to your “modern ADU builder near me” search right in your backyard in less time than you can imagine.

Whether you are looking to add a classroom to your campus, a boardroom to your home office, or a yoga studio to your beach house, we can build your modern ADU Knük anywhere you own property.

Our turnkey ADU designs allow you to build your Knük with the Core Model options with a few clicks of your mouse. If you’d rather choose a Custom Model option you can design to your heart’s content. Once you have the design ready to go, we get busy. There are certain steps that must be taken for any building project, including local building regulations, space available on your property, etc. Our proprietary process includes:
  1. Land and feasibility studies
  2. Design and detail systems
  3. Fabrication and site work preparation
  4. Installation and handover
The long and short of it is that we will build your luxury ADU in the blink of an eye. Avoid selling out to a prefab shed design that shows up in boxes with complicated instructions and missing parts. When you build your Knük your way, you get the keys to your modern ADU in less time than it takes to reupholster your favorite couch that will live in the sundrenched corner of your new ADU studio.

Depending on factors like local ADU building requirements, local ADU permitting and your choice of custom add-on convenience packages, we can often turn your keys over in six-weeks. Once the prep work is complete, most Knük structures are assembled onsite within 4 days. Yup, that’s less than a week from groundbreaking to housewarming.

Imagine designing your new favorite escape pod today. Tomorrow you can start writing out your studio-warming party invitations. By the time you finish ordering the champagne, you’ll be holding the keys to your new office, yoga studio, art studio, study hall, classroom, boardroom, or rental unit.

Hard to believe, but believe it you must. This is one of those rare moments when it’s too good and it’s true. Built on an 80-year history of sustainable, hand-crafted build practices, your Knük is one of the most impressive outbuilding options available on the market today. We exceed all metrics boasted by prefab sheds, outbuilding kits, and other quick-build backyard buildings. Instead, we build with pride infused with historic benchmarks of quality, sustainability and a pursuit of perfection. Our Knüks are handmade in our German factory to your specifications. Then our team arrives onsite to install your Knük on your property. Less than a week later you’re doing sunrise sun salutations in the privacy of your new Knük.

Yes! We offer two options to choose from. You can choose either 1) a fully Custom Model or 2) the Core Model that offers dozens of finishes from our large inventory of options, which can truly have a customized feel when you’re done designing your Knük.

As a savvy consumer, you know your needs better than anyone else, so you get to choose which level fits your lifestyle best.

Our Custom Model allows you to choose every detail, match the design to your existing property style or create something totally unique to your personality.

The Core Model offers a simple way to choose how you want your Knük to be built so it feels true to you.

This is such a great question and one we love to discuss with our clients. Depending on your specific needs, Knük offers incredible advantages over other companies. While we fully believe that some competitors are offering great products, we know that we are the only company that will meet your discerning taste and strident expectations while delivering an incomparable lifestyle structure. Knük is truly matchless.
  • Sustainable building, low material waste
  • Outstanding insulation benchmarks (R29 walls, R40 roof, R8 windows)
  • Glulam construction, hand-picked, high-quality timber
  • Single-point accountability
  • Superior material sourcing
  • Seamless building process
  • Stress free construction
  • Fixed time and cost, extraordinary quality
  • Best warranties in the industry
  • Gold key delivery

Well, white glove delivery is when your new purchase is so pristine at delivery that even running your finger over it clad in a white cotton glove, the glove remains pure white and spotless.

Gold key delivery achieves the same level of quality control and product assurance when your Knük is delivered to you. Every luxury space deserves to be gold key quality, exceeding even the most lavish of expectations. On delivery day your Kunk will be gold key quality, without exception.